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Current Authors

A. J Caterhan
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Audrey Ellis
Bernard O'Connor
Beverley Raw

Corrie Moral

David Stopforth
Donald Upton
Edith Cory-King

Gary Barnes
Georgie Kimpton
Isobel Kelly
Janice Fletcher
John Scully
Kevin Toller
Kathy Lamb

Kenneth Pickering and Anthea Preston
Ken Porter and Stephen Wynn
Len Paddock
Leon Horrocks
Mark Pearce and Jens Michael-Macha
Mary Sinton

Margie Greyvenstein and Martin Steyn
Mervyn Whale
Michael Yarwood

Pamela Choules
Patricia E Walker
Penelope K Charles

Richard Cooper
Richard Holmes
Robin John Morgan

Stephen Wynn and Chris Burch

Stewart J. Lamond
Tabbie Browne

Tamara P. Newman
Tomas Stone
Tony Lambert

Valerie Hoadley
Veronica Hall


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Some links to and from saved as bookmarks may not work in future due to the way in which the site is constructed.
The current version of UKBookland is now likely to be in existence for the foreseeable future.

Welcome to UKUnpublished


UKUnpublished was launched on 8th October 2008, and since then, it has been an incredible ride, that I could never have imagined when the website launched.

Beverley Raw took the chance in early 2009, and published her book, Telling Tales, in April.
Michael Yarwood and Robin John Morgan followed very quickly after.

By the end of 2009, there were 13 published Authors, and 16 books on a variety of subjects.
At the end of September, UKUnpublished had 40 books published, and 30 more in production.

When UKUnpublished was originally designed, the basic principle was to provide the best possible service to Authors, at excellent value for money.

The Basics

UKUnpublished is a self publishing service which is designed around Authors to give them the opportunity to publish their work, without the stress and disappointment of traditional publishing, and without the cost and additional hard work of self publishing.

That means you can get your book published, including all the future additions (see below), for just £250!


"Something shocking is happening in the world of publishing that means we could end up with very few books at all except the ghost-written memoirs of airhead footballers and models" Quoted from Cole Moreton's article, 11th March 2007 in The Independent on Sunday. Click here to read the full article. You can also find out more about Cole Moreton on his website here.

UKUnpublished will publish, advertise and offer your books for sale worldwide, including on sites alongside major authors at Waterstone's and Amazon, plus it is available in bookshops throughout the country and worldwide. In the US, UKUnpublished books are available in Barnes and Noble's stores, their website,, and many other bookshops and websites.

For example, one Author asked if their book would be available in South Africa, particularly for Friends and Family, and was asked to check a specific website. The result was that all of UKUnpublished's books were listed there.

You can purchase additional copies of your book to keep, give away, or sell yourself. This is optional, but if you decide to purchase copies, there is no minimum order.

Your book will also be produced as an eBook and will be available on Amazon websites worldwide for their Kindle, and on the Waterstone's eBook site. The eBooks will also be compatible with Sony's eReader and many other devices, including Mobile Phones and Computers.

An ISBN number is the identity of your book, and this is a key part of what we include in our service, to ensure that we have the basic tools required to expand the distribution of your book wherever possible.

So just write your manuscript, read through the website, and ask any questions may have, and then let's work together to get your book into print.


Waterstones is the holy grail of bookshops for so many Authors, and so not only is your book available to all Waterstone's, and on their website, we send a copy of the book to their head office, for consideration for their core catalogue.

If successful, this Core Stock Catalogue is automatically stocked in several stores, and likely to be stocked in many others.

Waterstone's have recently announced a scheme whereby each store will stock a certain number of local Authors' books, and so I would always recommend taking your book to, or contacting your local store, introducing yourself and your book, and asking if they would consider stocking your book, and allowing you to do a signing.

To find out more, go to 'Publishing Your Book'.

What's Coming Soon?
UKUnpublished is always learning, improving, and developing to provide an excellent value service.

This is what's planned for the near future, but I'm sure many more will come along.

  • Amazon search inside the book
    • All books will begin being available on the Amazon Search Inside the Book Service, allowing potential readers to sample your book, hopefully encouraging sales.

All of these additions to the service are done at no additional charge!


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